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VolumeMax Shading Powder【3 Day Delivery&Cash on delivery-HOT SALE-49%OFF🔥】

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A full hair is not a dream with Fluffup Secret Hair Fiber Powder!

Fluffup covers showered hair, hairline or balden immediately, thicker hair. Restore your confidence and look for 10 years younger with hair that looks real and feel!      

The sweatproof fiber powder consists of colored keratin protein, which sticks with existing strands of hair and is imperceptibly mixed.


  • Instant Fluff Up
    Fill out thinner hair, hairline and bare spots in 5 seconds! Simply sprinkle fluffup and achieve a full, voluminous hair!
  • Graues Her Cover Up
    Use fluffup and quickly cover all gray roots and colored roots.
  • Effect
    Hair Growth Fiber designed to resist wind, rain and sweat by absorbing moisture and excess oil in the scalp and hair roots.

FluffUp Geheimes Haarfaserpulver

  • Natural looking
    Made of colored keratin that sticks and blends undetectably with existing hair strands.
  • 16-Hours - sweatproof
    Fluffup was developed to resist wind, rain and sweat by absorbing water and excess oil from the scalp and hair roots.
FluffUp Geheimes Haarfaserpulver
  • Easy to remove easyh
    Wash with shampoo.
  • Scalp
    Does not contain parabens, sulfate and is peroxide -free.
  • For all hair color
    Choose from 10 colors and adapt every hair color.

How do you use:


  • Ingredients: fatty acid triglycerides, soil wax, beeswax
  • Weight: 12G
  • Color: natural black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, Chestnut, blond, medium blonde, light blonde, gray, white