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Accupressure Reflexing Socks【INCOD + Local Stock (Express 3 Day Delivery)】

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Improve different health issues with these guided acupressure socks! Lungs, kidneys, digestive system & more.

Human foot contains over 7000 nerve ends.  These nerve ends, or acu-points, can generate a natural healing process of the body when properly simulated! Purify your body of blocked energy by getting into home acupressure remedy! 

These socks come with clear display of each acupoints on your feet so you can target corresponding body system and massage your feet accordingly at the comfort of your home! 

Simply follow the diagram and apply pressure gently onto the corresponding areas. Massage more precise and easily with our ergonomic massage stick.

By repeating the practice daily, you can promote the natural healing of your bodily systems! 

Made with soft premium cotton materials, these socks are soft and cozy to wear. The moisture-wicking materials makes them perfect for everyday wear! 

  • Materials: Premium cotton
  • Socks Size: 21* 13* 8cm (One Size Fit All)
  • Suggested Foot Size: (Female) 35-39; (Male) 40-45
  • Massage Stick Length: 11.5cm
Package Includes: 
  • (Socks Only Set)
    • 1* Pair Accupressure Reflexing Socks
  • (Full Massage Set)
    • 1* Pair Accupressure Reflexing Socks
    • 1* Massage Stick