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SafeSpark™ Flashlight

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Feeling safer going out alone, especially at night


SafeSpark™ is able to scare and stun any attacker 💪

It is safer to go out alone now, especially at night. Get reliable protection when you need it most with our SafeSpark™ Flashlight, featuring a powerful maximum voltage and a powerful LED flashlight.
At the same time, it offers a powerful built-in LED flashlight that can illuminate even the darkest corners.

It's lightweight and compact enough to fit on a keychain or lanyard, and fits easily in a pocket or purse.

This switch is designed to prevent accidental discharge. To activate, you need to hold down the white button and swipe up to the top. It will stop at the top, and then the shock function will continue to generate electricity.

Conveniently recharge anytime, anywhere with the USB micro charger. You can also charge it with a laptop or power bank. (Note: Do not slide when charging to ensure the normal charging process.)