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Nanofiber Polish Cleaning Cloth (5PCS)

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Eliminate nasty oil & streaks with High-Shine Polished Effect!

Nanofiber Polish Cleaning Cloth
 wipes off the stubbornest stain & grease even without the use of detergent, leaving an ultra-shine polished finish.
Developed with Nanofiber Dirt-off Technology, our cleaning cloth removes oil & tough stains, getting off streaks, smudges, and swirls on most surfaces. 100% streak free & lint-free!

The is highly absorbent cleaner is made to trap oil & grime up to 8X its own weight. The grease trapped can be segregated quickly from the advanced fabric surface with simple rinse. Fast drying & easy to clean.


  • NANOFIBER TECHNOLOGY: Trap grease & grime on the Nanofiber surface to tackle oily dirt.

  • NATURAL: Powerful cleaning effect without the use of chemical detergent.
  • STREAK-FREE: Leave no streaks or residue but an ultra-shine polished finish.
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL: Odor resistant & anti-bacterial for safe use.
  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT: Absorbs up to 8X its own weight to eliminate mess & spills.

  • ANTI-PILLING: Advanced fiber material for anti-pilling and durable use. Machine washable.

  • WIDE APPLICATION: Perfect for cleaning dishes, pots, water tape, sink, stove, car, windows, etc. Safe on delicate glassware.


  • Size: 30 x 30cm / 11.8" x 11.8"