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Multifunctional Emergency Gear Steel Wire Saw【HOT SALE-49%OFF🔥】

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The wire saw is an important item in the survival backpack.

It can cut wood and plastic from any direction.

It is lightweight and easy to carry.

The best emergency survival gear wire saw for outdoor activities or family use.


    Made of superior 4 Strands stainless steel wire rope winding which has strong tensile strength. It is good strength hardness and elasticity, which is a portable survival chainsaw.
    Life Chain Saw Blade is small, soft and easy to transport, has strong tensile strength and is suitable for hiking, camping, and other outdoor survival tools.
    With two rings and a 360-degree rotational band at the end, it's safe for hand and cloth could use vegetable oil for maintenance.
    It can cut off branches, wood, plastic, rubber, bone, soft metal, etc. "in all directions, it is easy to use, easy to transport, hands and clothes are not hurt, long life.

How To Use:

1. Just pull the saw apart by hand, rub it back and forth on the cutting object, it can be done in a few seconds! Don't use the kind of saw on the Swiss Army Knife, it is slow and very laborious!

2. Use with Both Hands: Put your thumbs into the thumb loops on both sides, stretch the saw body to make it tight, and move the saw body back and forth briskly.

3. One-handed Use: First cut a branch of the thumb that is about 10cm longer than the saw body, make V-shaped incisions at both ends of the branch, insert the thumb ring into the V-shaped incision at one end, and after bending the branch, insert the other thumb background ring into the other A V-shaped mouth can form a bow-shaped hand saw. (Recommended usage.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Ring: 3.5cm in diameter (1.38in)
  • Full Length: about 70cm (2.76in)
  • Saw Length: about 55cm (2.16in)
  • Gross Weight: 19KG
  • Structure: pull ring + rotating hoop + wire data


  • The saw teeth are very fine. When using it, be careful that the rust of the wire saw will make the saw teeth dull. After each use, it is better to wipe it clean and moisten it with food oil.