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Feng Shui Lucky Coin【HOT SALE-49%OFF🔥🔥🔥】

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What Is a Feng Shui Lucky Coin?

Feng Shui Lucky Coin is an amulet for you to keep in your wallet to gain good luck, good fortune and a prosperous life


  • 🎏 The coin is made with gilded metal, carved with two Koi fish on one side, and 12 Zodiacs of Chinese calendar + "Fu" word (Bless) on another side. It has also been consecrated by monks in the Temple. 
  • 🎏 "Fu" word carved on the coin means blessing, and prosperity. Koi also has been known for representing wealth and good luck in Feng Shui. With 12 Zodiacs carved, it means the coin will bless and bring wealth and good luck to every Zodiac, and Zodiac means every year, everyone. 
  • 🎏 How To Use The Feng Shui Lucky Coin?

Just like other Feng Shui coins, keep the coin with your money, preferable in your wallet so you can bring it everywhere you go. 

Do not put it on the floor, do not pass it to other people. 

By keeping it in your wallet, it will absorb the energy from money inside your wallet, gaining more power.

Always touch it and tell it your wish so it will act and respond to your wish. 

If the coin gets dirty, do not wash it with strong chemicals, preferably wipe it clean with wet cloth.

When changing a wallet, always remember to move it to the new wallet.

On top of above mentioned tips, all you have to do is believe that it will work and it shall perform its magic.


  • Material: Lucky Alloy
  • Color: Gold, Silver, Gold+Color, Silver+Color
  • Weight: 50g / 0.1lb
  • Size:


  • 1 × Feng Shui Lucky Coin

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