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Double Eyelid Glue Pen

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Create CHARMING, INVISIBLE & MOST NATURAL double eyelid effect with Double Eyelid Glue Pen.
This cream dries in a second and turns 100% transparent to create customized double eyelid without leaving any scar, glue/ tape residue. You can freely control the eyelid size to perfectly fit your facial contour and make it more vivid.


  • Invisible Double Eyelid Effect
    The liquid becomes transparent within 10 seconds and becomes invisible for flawless double eyelid. 

  • Super Creamy
    Easy to layer and blend with velvety soft and smooth cream.

  • Long Lasting
    Waterproof, sweat-proof and grease-resistance.
  • Able to apply makeup on dried eyelid cream.

  • Just five minutes naturally without leaving scar/ glue residue.
  • Safe & Harmless
    Mild cream formula causes no irritation to eyelid.
  • Includes a Y-fork stick to make false eyelashes or eyelids more natural and beautiful.
  • Suitable for All Types of Eyelid
    Works for hooded, protruding, down turned, wide set, single eyelid and more. 

  • Package Size: 12.7 x 1.6cm 
  • Net Content: 5ml


  • 1 x Double Eyelid Glue Pen
  • 1 x Double Eyelid Stick