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【CNOGA】Non-invasive blood glucose oximeter

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The world's first hybrid non-invasive blood glucose meter. No need to collect blood, non-invasive blood sugar measurement, accurate measurement of uric acid, monitoring of heart, brain and kidney function.

Medically tested and clinically proven
Trusted and loved by the industry's top experts

“…I have to conclude that this is the most accurate performance of any non-invasive device technology for blood sugar prediction that I have ever seen. It represents a significant improvement in glucose prediction technology.”Professor Andreas Pfützner, MD, PhD

Sinojia Medical Co., Ltd. is a global company dedicated to the research, development, and production of innovative medical devices. The devices manufactured by the company are widely used in hospitals, homes, personal clinical care, and professional telemedicine. CNOGA Medical Ltd. is based in Israel and was founded in 2004 by Dr. József Segerman. Josef Segman is a technology innoavator and entrepreneur who has led and participated in the early stages of development (through support and strategic partnerships with Texas Instruments (TI)) through to commercialization in Europe, Asia, and South America. Ta. The beginning of the era of non-invasive blood testing

In recent years, the incidence of diabetes has increased dramatically around the world. People with diabetes have weak immune systems and their bodies weaken quickly. People with diabetes are more likely than normal to develop serious complications.

Do you have such a problem?

01: Fear of injections

02: I'm scared of pricking my finger every time I test my blood sugar level.

03: Failure to monitor blood sugar levels in a timely manner increases the risk of complications

04: You need to regularly purchase blood sugar test strips

Multilingual support: Supports 36 languages ​​including Japanese, English, Filipino, Indonesian, etc.

Truly accurate non-invasive blood glucose meter

Easily measure blood sugar levels with non-invasive technology

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